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Guest writer profile: Marc Johnstone

Guest writer profile: Marc Johnstone
Insurance Specialist

Multiple Egg Baskets is pleased to welcome Marc Johnstone to our blog.

"I’m a highly-trained insurance advisor, who provides a wealth of knowledge and will help you understand your unique insurance needs and assist you in choosing the life and health insurance solutions that are best for you.

With RBC Insurance, I completed a series of courses and took in-depth training to become an insurance advisor who represents RBC Insurance exclusively. If you want to know all the ways life and health insurance can serve you, call me today. I apply this valuable knowledge to any insurance question, concern or need you may have, and can provide you with sound advice, clear communications, and a full range of product choices. I can take the complexity of life and health insurance and make it easy to understand."

Marc Johnstone can be reached at:

Phone: (613) 592-8007
Toll Free:(866) 439-9607
Fax: (613) 592-8077
Cell: (613) 282-0900