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Mortgage deals and mortgage brokers

I'd just like to post some frustration and vent about my current issues. I'm in the process of purchasing a condo-hotel unit in the Quebec area and I have been offered a sweet mortgage rate for 7 years from a national Canadian bank. I have spent literally 2.5 weeks waiting for them to close the deal on the mortgage application.

I spent time calling the guy's assistant and providing her with all of the relevant information and then I find out that no action was taken because I get asked the same questions again and again. I had to ask the developer for an additional week of time, which expired on Friday, and I can sense their frustration with me as well.

The mortgage broker was supposed to get back to me on Friday after I personally ate up my lunch hour and drove through traffic to go and see him face to face. I called and called all to avail. Now, I have to hope that the application was processed on a Saturday, which I highly doubt, and go onto week 3 of just trying to get a mortgage application finalized.

This deal better make millions!!