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My Own Advisor: Dividend horsepower from the Big Compounding Engine (BCE)

My Own Advisor: Dividend horsepower from the Big Compounding Engine (BCE)

Here's an interesting post about reinvesting the earned dividends from a top canadian stock. The stock choice is interesting and the the concept of DRIPS and reinvesting earned dividends is worthy of a post.

What do you feel is another top Canadian DRIP to monitor?

Rbc royal bank and credit lines

So I have a basic personal finance tip that everyone should follow. I recently went to close on a mortgage and the real estate lawyer informed me that.rbc had a lien against my property. The scary part is that I had no financial product from rbc.

Long story short -- rbc paid my lunch expenses during my wait and are working with the head office to rectify the error with the line of credit mortgage incorrectly being applied against my property. It was apparently in place for 2 years and I never once received a statement. Scary.

Everyone should consider getting a thorough credit review done every 1 to 2 years in case of identity theft or even e-errors during these times of e-business.

Has anyone else had a similar scary financial story?
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25% Off American Apparel Online

25% Off American Apparel Online

Here is a great money savings idea that is valid anytime!

If provocative advertising featuring young girls in '80s-inspired gold lame leotards does it for you when it comes to shopping for clothes, be sure to jot down this coupon code for American Apparel: p4555-by46578.

It will get you a nice 25 per cent discount on any order from AA's Canadian online store, and the code is valid until August 31.

Alternatively, if you spend more than $100 online, you can select one of these free gifts (don't ask me what the "BUTT Calendar" is).

And another bonus: there's free shipping on all orders over $75.