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How to make money selling $0.99 cent BlackBerry Apps!

How To Make Money Selling BlackBerry Apps

The dramatic increased growth of SmartPhones, such as iPhones and BlackBerrys, over the
last three years has created numerous opportunities for independent developers to express
their creativity and talents. Now, the growth trend is expected to continue with the the current
success of BlackBerry’s App World storefront, and the anticipated release of RIM's new
PlayBook mobile device. RIM has opened the doors for "weekend warrior" developers to
develop mobile apps and best of all --- make money!

I have been personally successfull in developing and selling BlackBerry applications in
RIM's BlackBerry App Store for the last several months. I've had some days where over
500 individual downloads for one of my BlackBerry apps has put a smile on my face. I find it
extremely rewarding to develop an app that is of interest to someone else. Therefore, I'd like to
share my experience and my personal strategy that can help you to get started developing and
make money selling $0.99 cent BlackBerry apps.

My e-book will give you greater insight into what tools are required to get started, how does
the app submission and payment process work, help in determining what apps to develop,
BlackBerry code samples written in Java, and tips on how to manage and market your
BlackBerry app development services. I will also let you in on my biggest BlackBerry App
development tip --- how I have been making money selling BlackBerry apps with no overhead

That's right! Everything that I have produced from BlackBerry App World is 100% profit!
I'd like to share this experience and knowledge with and I will even stick to my own $0.99 cents

If you would like to learn more then please download my e-Book today. It may well be the best
$0.99 cents that you have spent yet!

Oh, and I guess that I should also tell you that the formula that I'm using for BlackBerry App
development sales isn't just a new strategy that I have created. I've been doing the exact same
strategy for the last 5 years with other software, and I'm consistently ranked on the 1st page in
the top 5 search results.