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How to Reduce your Electricity Bills?

The power of electricity can be best realized when you utilize it effectively. With the demand of the electricity skyrocketing and the supply drooping, saving a single unit of power becomes very significant. Here are a 15 effective tips to save electricity and thus save the money.

1. Switch off the lights, TV, computer, etc., when not in use.

2. Use fluorescent lamps instead of incandescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps not only help to save the electricity, but they also provide a better lighting and are cost effective too.

3. Use dimmer controls in your incandescent lamps so that you can adjust the intensity of the light.

4. Minimize the use of air coolers and air conditioners. Instead, use the fans, whenever possible.

5. Electric iron is a real power hog. If you use it carefully, you can save a considerable amount of energy. Instead of doing daily ironing, do it on a weekly basis.

6. Operate the air conditioner in the minimum temperature range possible in order to save power. Keep it under medium or low operation condition and set the temperature a little higher. Take the help of nature to save the electricity. Try to utilize the warmth of the sun whenever available in the winter, and the coolness of the garden in the summer instead of crouching near the air conditioners always.

7. The ideal temperature to operate a refrigerator is between 36 to 42o F. If the temperature is kept lower than this, it would be simply a wastage of power.

8. While operating your heaters in the winter, reduce the temperature level to a couple of degrees lower than that in the normal conditions.

9. If you are using laser printers in your office or home, keep a watch on it. It can draw your electricity bills up by hundreds of watts! Try to save maximum power by using it minimum, and keep the power switch off while not in use.

10. Use of smaller gadgets will help reducing the power to great extent. A microwave oven can be preferred to a regular electric oven, and so is an electric kettle to a stovetop one.

11. Minimize the use of hair dryer.

12. Control the use of smaller gadgets such as electric clocks, telephone answering machines, DVD players, cable TV converters, etc. Though they seem insignificant, the compounded effect of these instruments in multiplying your electricity bill cannot be ignored.

13. Keep a watch on the electricity meter. Have a regular estimation of the meter reading yourself to detect any unexpected power leakage from the circuit.

14. Use the modern gadgets that apply the energy-saving technology.

15. Do not open the door of the electric oven or the refrigerator unnecessarily.