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Alberta Environmental Fees

Alberta Environmental Fees

The Province of Alberta passed legislation (Alberta Regulation 94/2004) establishing a funding system for the collection and recycling of designated electronic products. The legislation requires manufacturers such as Dell Canada Inc. ("Dell") to collect a Provincial Environmental Fee for certain electronic devices sold into the Province of Alberta. 

Under the current law and regulations, the following Dell branded & third party products sold into Alberta wiIl be subject to a Provincial Environmental Fee:
  • All desktop and server computers; rack servers
  • All notebook computers
  • All computer monitors
  • All printers
  • All Televisions (including monitors that are television adaptable)

The Fees associated with the legislation are as follows:
Television (18" and smaller)$4.00
Television (19" - 29")$10.80
Television (30" - 45")$18.80
Television (46" and larger)$24.00
Desktop/server computers/rack servers (CPU. keyboard, mouse, cable, & speakers)$4.40
Printers/printer combos$4.80
Laptops/electronic notebooks$1.20
Computer monitors (LCD & CRT)  $6.00
In compliance with the Alberta legislation, Dell plans to add the Provincial Environmental Fee to your invoice based upon products selected and a ship to location of Alberta. 

Dell's authorized Resellers are responsible for understanding the legislation and complying with it to the extent the law might be applicable to them. Generally, Dell will collect the fee from it's Resellers at point of sale and remit this fee to Electronics Recycling Alberta on the Reseller's behalf. If a Reseller is registered with Electronics Recycling Alberta and they complete the Remittance Responsibility Certificate and submit it to Dell at the time of ordering, they may collect and remit the fee on their own behalf. 

To obtain a copy of the Remittance Responsibility Certificate visit www.dell.ca/canadaenvironmentalfee/abrrc ( 90KB)
For more information on the legislation visit the Alberta Recycling Management Authority website at www.albertarecycling.com