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69 Ways to Feel Good About Keeping More Money in Your Wallet http://multipleeggbaskets.blogspot.com

Have you ever agreed to go on a coffee run with a friend or co-worker, ordered your black coffee, and then grabbed rabbit ears? I’m talking about pulling out no nickels, no dimes, no quarters -- nothing!

Well if you’re in dire need of re-balancing your debits and credits to favour in your direction then I highly recommend that you review my 69 Ways to Feel Good About Keeping More Money in Your Wallet.

1. Customer Loyalty: Join and participate in only a select few customer loyalty programs. If you constantly shop amongst several stores for common products then you’ll never acquire the benefits of the customer loyalty programs. I personally shop at one drug store for my food staples whenever they have a 20x times the points event. I then accumulate the points for free products at a future date.
2. Reduce your number of credit cards: I have 2 credit cards. One is a CIBC Aerogold Visa and the other is a Scotiabank Cash Back Rewards credit card.
3. Combine banking services: In order to reduce external ATM fees, I primarily work with CIBC and President’s Choice Banking. They offer interchangeable services which help me to avoid unncessary service fees.
4. Keep a minimum balance: If at all possible then make an effort to stay within the minimum banking balance requirement in order to avoid additional account fees each month.

....more coming soon