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Questrade's new tax free trading account

Why Questrade's tax free trading account is making investment noise.

Questrade took the government's tax-free savings account (TFSA). Amped it up a few decibels by adding our unique trading tools and services. And you get their no-fee tax-free TRADING account – an ideal opportunity to do more with your money.

With tax free savings accounts in their second year, you get an additional $5000 to invest and you can carry over any unused contribution room from the previous year. Open a Questrade tax-free TRADING account and see how much your TFSA can really grow.

Start with Questrade's unique trading services for a tax-free TRADING account:
  • No fees: no annual fee, no fee to open, no inactivity fees.
  • Only $1000 to open an account.
  • The lowest commissions: stock trades at 1¢ per share, $4.95 minimum / $9.95 maximum.
  • Gold bullion trading: real gold bought and sold on the U.S. spot market.
  • Hold and trade both U.S. and Canadian dollars in any registered account and pay no forced currency conversion fees.
And add all the benefits of a TFSA:
  • Invest up to $5,000 each year and every year.
  • Accumulate faster by never paying tax on your investment income, interest, dividends and capital gains.
  • Withdraw funds any time and for any purpose without paying any taxes.

Questrade Democratic Pricing - 1 cent per share, $4.95 min / $9.95 max