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So I've been in a rush the last few days and haven't had the time to visit metro or loblaws for groceries. So this sadly means visiting 'jared' at subway. I've also had to use my debit card instead of credit because believe it or not but not all places accept visa credit cards. So here's some info on interac the business since those guys have been making money off of me this week.

Interac 2008 Research FactsIn a recent survey conducted by Toronto-based organization "The Strategic Counsel" on behalf of Interac Association, the majority of cardholders polled agreed with the following statement: "Interac gives you access to your money whenever you need it."Our 2008 Annual Benchmark Tracking Study reviewed Canadians' payment preferences and attitudes towards Interac services, including two key Interac services: Interac Direct Payment (IDP) and Interac Shared Cash Dispensing. Here are some highlights from the study based on 1,500 interviews conducted nation-wideInterac is for Everyone• 9 in 10 Canadian adults have a banking card and therefore have access to Interac products and services Interac Direct Payment is accepted at more places than ever• More than 406,000 merchants offer Interac Direct Payment, representing over 591,000 payment terminals Did you know?• In 2000, Interac Direct Payment surpassed cash as Canadians' preferred method of payment, and the service has continued to grow to 3.5 billion transactions in 2008• 15.9 million transactions were processed on December 23, 2008 - the busiest shopping day of the year - which is up ~ 2% from 15.6 million transactions on the peak day in December 2007• 1 in 2 Canadians say Interac Direct Payment is their favourite way to pay Easy access to your moneyInterac Shared Cash Dispensing was the first service offered by Interac Association and allows Canadians to withdraw cash from any Automated Banking Machine (ABM) in the country that displays the trusted Interac logo. Canadians have secure and reliable access to their cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Canadians have indicated their desire for convenient access to their cash - Automated Banking Machines can now be commonly found in non-traditional locations, everywhere from convenience stores, to gas stations to hockey rinks.• 95% of cardholders have used Automated Banking Machines, with 33% completing an Automated Banking Machine transaction more than once a week• 2 out of 3 cardholders used Interac Shared Cash Dispensing in 2008• There are over 55,000 Automated Banking Machines available across Canada
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