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Ecotax in ontario

Maybe these are some of the hard facts that influenced dalton mcguinty and the liberals to pass the ecotax. The waste and consumption record does not look good.

Do a search to find the actual energy spent worlwide each time google performs a search. The footprint is huge. You'll be amazed.

Waste Facts∙         Canadians purchase over 150 million batteries every year. Over 90% of these batteries are single-use batteries. (Environmental Choice Program, 1996)∙         More than 140,000 tonnes of computer equipment, phones, televisions, stereos, and small home appliances accumulate in Canadian landfills each year. That's equivalent to the weight of about 28,000 adult African elephants or enough uncrushed electronic waste to fill up the Toronto Skydome every 15 years. (Environment Canada, 2003)∙         An estimated 4,750 tonnes of lead is contained in the personal computers and televisions disposed of each year in Canada. (Environment Canada, 2003)∙         Y early disposal figures for personal computers alone will contain an estimated 4.5 tonnes of cadmium and 1.1 tonnes of mercury. (Environment Canada, 2003)∙         Electronics contain valuable resources such as ferrous metals, aluminium, and copper, however most electronics are currently sent to landfill. In 1999, it was estimated that disposed personal computers alone contained 4,400 tonnes of ferrous metal, 3,050 tonnes of aluminium and 1,500 tonnes of copper. (Environment Canada, 2003)∙         An estimated eight million tonnes of hazardous waste are generated in Canada every year. (Greening Government, 2003)∙         Canadians produce more garbage per person than just about any other country in the world. The average person in Ontario generates a whole ton of trash a year. (Greening Government, 2003)∙         Each Canadian throws away about half a kilogram of packaging per day. (Greening Government, 2003)∙         Energy and material consumption in Canada is typically four to five times the world average. (SDInfo, 2002)∙         By the age of only six months, each Canadian has consumed as much resources as the average person in the developing world consumes in his or her lifetime. (RCO, 2000)∙         For each full garbage bag we take to the curb, the primary resource industry creates the equivalent of 71 full bags of waste. (RCO, 2000)∙         It is estimated that 13 billion pieces of direct mail are delivered in Canada each year - between 1,000 and 2,000 pieces per home. In 1989, approximately 270,000 tonnes of paper were consumed for direct mail purposes. This represents 4.5 million trees. (RCO, 2000) 
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