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Investment property strategy

My investment property has been constantly on my mind as the mortgage rates fluctuated in the month of June. You should get into the habit of reassessing your goals and your particular assets and liabilities to see if you're still on track.

Traditionally property investors have operated under the premise of the following two approaches.

1) Short term - (18 – 24 months) Also known as a "flip" strategy.
2) Medium term - (3-5 years) Also known as a "buy to let" strategy or "buy and hold" strategy.

When one is seeking to invest in property, one must be mindful of the following:

* Investment objectives
* Time Frame
* Risks

As an example, if one’s objective is to attempt double one’s investment within 2 years, then a Flip strategy would be favoured. Provided the investment has been chosen wisely, it is more likely to produce the expected return than a buy and hold strategy in the chosen time period.

Experienced investors are accustomed to look at portfolio investments possibly geographically disbursed across different regions and/or countries in order to diversify the investment risk and achieve a balanced return.